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〈Ima Hangan Su?〉

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藝術家:O!sland (Dorothy WONG Ka Chung,Eva LIN Yingchi,Benjamin RYSER)




如果大自然正在死亡,隨著城市的發展,人與人之間的關係越來越脆弱,人們還能如何保持自然的意識呢? 有什麼可以做的,以改變這種忽視的動力嗎?在駐村的經驗中,這次嘗試以竹子作為一種表現,揭示了我們與死亡大自然的聯繫的脆弱線索,它吸引了親密、好奇心和個人意志的潛力,並邀請人們重新認識和記憶。


藝術家:Ania Varez




藝術家:Nina Willimann & Mayumi Ara

一次一位觀眾,內容關於研究黑暗場域的表演。以黑暗作為材料-一種可以代表逝去、未知、及休憩和秘密的地點。駐村期間,山裏的夜及清新空氣讓 Hannah 印象深刻。當她問部寄宿家庭主人關於黑暗的感受時,她說:「黑暗讓我安穩入眠,得以全然的沈靜。」


藝術家:Hannah Sullivan

“Ima Hangan Su?"
We have been staying with the Taroko people for 3 weeks. The day we arrived our host gave us Taroko names as a welcome present. As we become closer with the Taroko people we also become more aware of the different layers that history has left on their place. We experience the space as twofold. From the mountain to the down town village. From the down town village back to the mountain. Back and forth between our new and our old names.


Artist: O!sland (Dorothy WONG Ka Chung , Eva LIN Yingchi, Benjamin RYSER)

“Streams Flow Down The Mountain Not Up"
The hike up the mountain is the is the only way to get to Datong and Dali. The Truku have been asked to use the path sparingly so they won’t disturb the tourists. The pulley system is often broken and expensive when it does work. The young people don’t go into the mountain much, they head into the cities and towns to work, and the elders are getting older. On the the walk we will take some supplies up to the residents of Dali and Datong, since we are going up there anyway.

Artist: Sheaf+Barley

“Portable Landscapes: Bamboo"
If nature is dying and the relationship between human beings to it has proven increasingly fragile as cities grow, how can people still keep their awareness of nature alive? Is there anything we can do to change this dynamic of neglect? Bamboo is a performance that unravels the fragile threads of our connection to dying nature, it appeals to the potential of intimacy, curiosity and individual will to invite people back to awareness and remembrance.

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Artist: Ania Varez

“The gift exercise"
“The gift exercise" is an artistic research about cultural techniques and thoughts about how to relate with the foreign(er). Through the exchange with the locals, We reflect the complex role-play of hospitality in its culture- and site-specific customs, codes and traditions in different parts of the world as well as hospitality as a trans-cultural phenomena and one of the oldest universal laws in human societies. In this frame, we develop site-specific interventions called INVITATIONS, integrating the gained knowledge into their artistic practice and sharing it with the local community.


Artist: Nina Willimann & Mayumi Ara

“In the dark"
For one person at time, ‘In the dark’ is a small performance research into the generosity of dark places. Hannah is experimenting with the dark as material. Material that can be a representation of loss or the unknown and also an environment of rest or secrecy. Whilst in Taiwan Hannah has been struck by the relief of the dark night, the cool mountain air. When she asked her host about the dark, she said in the dark I can sleep, in the dark it is finally cool.

20543664_10155604584249878_96196990668725414_oPhoto credit by Taipei Contemporary Art Center

Artist: Hannah Sullivan