研究員 Reserchers

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李世揚是台灣長年致力於即興演奏的鋼琴家。他與驫舞劇場合作的《兩男關係》,其中擔任音樂創作與演出,該作獲選為第十一屆台新藝術獎表演藝術類年度十大。此外,2013年夏季他曾受邀至法國米魯斯「氣象音樂節」與歐洲即興鋼琴巨擘 Fred Van Hove 合作演出,是三十年來首位榮登該音樂節的台灣人。其合作過的藝術家不計其數,來自於各藝術領域,如:繪畫、劇場、多媒體、舞蹈等。目前為卡到音即興樂團召集人。他個人及樂團已受邀至中、美、加、墨、英、法、比、荷、德、奧、新、馬、日等各國演出。2018年獲「南方以南-南迴藝術計劃」徵選藝術家、臺北表演藝術中心「亞當計畫2─藝術家實驗室」駐地計畫、第十五屆雲門流浪者計畫等。此外,策畫「混沌身響」、「即興集樂聚」等系列活動。目前他與朋友創辦「臺灣國際即興音樂節」,並擔任音樂總監。





Marianne Villiere




曾鈴喬是一位畫家, 1974年出生於馬來西亞,畢業於馬來西亞藝術學院美術學系,作品以抽象的大自然為主要關注。



Marta Roberti

Marta Roberti以手繪動畫、投影和燈箱的繪畫裝置為基礎來串聯她一系列的研究計劃。她特別感興趣於西方的身份認同是如何從動物、自然、異國情調、東方、前歷史之中產生。在Marta Roberti最新的作品中,她正在嘗試著解構對自然的再現。


Shih-Yang Lee

Shih-Yang Lee has collaborated with artists from different fields, including painting, theatre, multi-media, and dancing. He is the founder and co-leader of the improvisation ensemble, 卡到音 (Ka Dao Yin). LEE has won the Taiwan Golden Indie Music Award and Golden Melody Award of Traditional Arts and Music several times. LEE’s live recording with Fred van Hove “Galactic Alignment" has won the New York City Jazz Record “Honorary Mention of the New Releases of 2013″. LEE has performed with drummer legend Sabu Toyozumi from Japan, pioneer of European free jazz pianist Fred van Hove from Belgium and many others including Joëlle Léandre, Sainkho Namtchylak, Jaap Blonk, Koichi Makigami, Hans Koch, Audrey Chen, et al. LEE is the artist director and one of the founders of “Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival”.


Candice Jee

Candice Jee is an artist born in Perth, Australia of Malaysian Hakka descent, and currently based in Taipei. Her work investigates processes of displacement, movement and rearrangement as part of cultural identification. This generates various outcomes, in installations often consisting of sculpture, sound, architectural interventions, and living organisms (such as plants, soil and worms.) Constantly shifting materials and meanings echo the in-betweenness and accommodation of diaspora/migrant experience.


Marianne Villiere

Marianne Villiere, 30 years old – was born in Nancy, France. I live between France and Luxembourg. My artworks are contextual and try to give some critical inputs about our way to live (habit, use, …). I like to discuss the norm. What is normal – what is not normal and why.


Chong Kok Choon + Chan Grez

Chan Grez is a painter of Malaysian Institute of Art, born in 1974 (born in 1974, Malaysia), whose work is based on the theme of nature.
Chong Kok Choon is a photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. He graduated from Malaysian Institute of Art in 1996 and has previously participated in various group exhibitions in the local area. Before he decided to take full-time professional photography in 2011, he was the former artistic director of the Kuala Lumpur Art Square in Malaysia.


Marta Roberti

My research is mainly based on hand drawn video animations, drawings installations with video projections and light boxes. I use to develope my projects in series exploring figures, places and practices that can threaten the rationalist productive dominant model. In particular I am investigating how Western identity arises from what it considers other than itself: animal, nature, exotic, East and pre-history . In my latest works I am experimenting a deconstruction of the representation of nature.